Themen: Vermessung der Netzwelt Vertrauen und Sicherheit im Internet 


DIVSI Decision-Maker Study on Trust and Security on the Internet – Condensed Version

26. Juli 2013

Business executives and social opinion leaders play a substantial role in shaping public attitudes related to issues of responsibility and trust on the Internet and consequently exercise major influence on what the general public thinks about the Internet. Surprisingly, however, we know virtually nothing about the way this group thinks about the Internet – a group which not only actively participates in this sphere, but to a large degree defines the rules of the game and has a dominant influence on general opinion.

Conceived as a continuation and companion to the survey of the general population in the „DIVSI Milieu Study on Trust and Security on the Internet“ from February 2012, the DIVSI Decision-Maker Study gives representatives from business, politics, civil service, civil society, media, academics and research the opportunity to speak up. This study offers – for the first time – an overview of the digital milieus in the German decision-maker landscape and describes the fundamental attitudes of decision-makers towards the Internet and their requirements with respect to trust and security on the Net.

In the long run, if there is to be a feeling of trust in our use of the Internet, it is not enough for decision-makers to know what users are doing online; the users should also know how the decision- makers move around on the Net, what attitudes they have towards opportunities and risks and, equally important, what they think about users and other decision-makers and what they expect from these groups.

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